A Wookiee just looking for his next good meal.



Dex (3D6 +2) Perception (2D6)
Bowcaster (5D6)
Melee Combat (5D6)
Knowledge (1D6) Strength (6D6)
Language (1D6 +1) Climb/Jump (+2D6)
Intimidation (3D6)
Mechanical (2D6) Technical (3D6 +1)
Comp Prog/Repair (4D6)
Melee B/R (4D6)
Space Trans B/R (4D6 +2)
Starship Weapon B/R (4D6)


  • Bowcaster (4D6 (3-10, 30, 50))
  • Vibro Sword (+3D6 [6D6 +2])
  • Vibro Axe (+3D6 +1 [6D6 +1])
  • Commlink
  • Webbing
  • Breath Mask
  • Glowrod
  • Binoculars
  • Gramorian Skull

Special Abilities

  • Rage (+2D6 str, -2D6 other)


  • Move (11)
  • Force Points (1)
  • Dark Side Points (2)
  • Character Points (7)

Wound Status

  • Stun:
  • Wounds: 2
  • Incapacitated:
  • Mortal Wounds:
Character Slabbanaka
Gender/Species Male Wookiee
Age 125
Height/Weight 2.1m/120kg
Homeworld Kashyyyk

Growing Up
Born and raised on Kashyyyk, Slabba loved to climb the trees and look for trouble. In his teen years Slabba had to deal with the horrors of life. first with the separation forces attempted to cease Kashyyyk, then the enslavement by the “liberating force” of the Empire. Slabba escaped when the Wookiees on his ship killed their captors and fleed Kashyyyk forever.

Slabba’s parents are dead. Slabba’s father died in the Clone Wars at the hands of the Separatists, and his mother died saving Slabba’s younger brother. Slabba has two surviving siblings (both enslaved by the Empire).

Basic Education
While on Kashyyyk, Slabba learned the basic Wookie philosophy. During the enslavement Slabba was expected to help out on the slave ship. After the crew split up, Slabba took odd jobs on trade ship as a tech/bowsman.

Past Occupations
Most of Slabba’s earlier work was as a bowsman, but as Slabba became competent in the engine room he was able to take more jobs as a tech.

At a young age Slabba was betrothed to his childhood friend, Hymbyck. Slabba’s parents thought Hymbyck’s calm and focused demur would rub off on Slabba (alas it never did). During the enslavement of Kashyyyk, Hymbyck was taken. This crushed Slabba who vowed to find her and set her free.

Critical Events
Slabba met Corren Traus on an Action 6 Bulk freighter. They became quick friends over drinks. While doing a smuggler run, the frieghter was stopped by an Imperial Customs Patrol. Fearing the worse (ie enslavement) Slabba attacked the patrol. The firefight critically disabled both ships forcing both crews to flee. Slabba and Corren escaped to Paradise.

Dark Side Points
Slabba gained his first Dark Side point while on Elosala at the Broken Tusk. Slabba was forced to fight gladiatorial battles in the Dool Arena, and during his first match against a Gramorian, he beat the Gramorian to a pulp. After which he took the Gramorian’s Vibro Axe and cut open it’s cheat to rip out its heart. He then screamed into the crowd “ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED!!!”. Fear leads to Anger.
Slabba gained his second Dark Side point while on Elosala at the Broken Tusk. Mylak the pirate had made a very critical mistake, never stay with in grabbing distance of a Wookee that you have enraged and caged. In pure unleashed rage, Slabba attacked Mylak. Even though Mylak was electrocuting Slabba with a slave collar on its highest setting, Slabba was still able to knock him unconscious. Slabba and Corren Traus together, then exacted pure raw revenge on Mylak by beating him to death and dismembering him and using his limbs as clubs to escape from the Broken Tusk. Anger leads to Hate.
Hate leads to suffering.



Enemies and Rivals

  • Any Imperial
  • Any Trandoshan (They did the enslavement on Kashyyyk)
  • Corren Traus’ Astromech droid R2-A4 (arrogant little know it all)
  • The Mandroxians (Slabba stopped a bounty hunter from killing Corren after he dumped his cargo)
  • People on The List


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