A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…

Corren Traus and his Wookie companion Slabbanaka arrived in the Valorik sector, on the rim of the populated galaxy, seeking their fortune as independent traders and smugglers. Recently joined by their new friend Keeg, the group has learned that earning a living on the Rim of the galaxy is much harder than it seems while they deal with pirates, criminal syndicates, corrupt Imperials, and mysterious aliens.

Valorik Sector

Valorik sector, situated in the Outer Rim, constitutes the exact midway point between the end of the Corellian Run and Rimma trade routes. Being neither well populated or resource rich, Valorik Sector exists primarily as a Galactic “rest stop” on the outer rim. Trade convoys venturing from one trade route to the other often stop in Valorik to take on supplies, give leave to crews, and make repairs. The industry of the sector has grown to this purpose. Skilled starship technicians in the Outer Rim often end up working in the Valorik sector for one company or another, or as an independent. Commerce in the sector is dominated by Far Star Shipping and Logistics. FSSL acts as the engine for the sectors economy and brings in the massive monthly shipment (nicknamed “The Train” by locals) of goods that the population is dependant on. Imperial presence in the sector is light and concentrated mainly in the capital system of Valos.

Valos Star 1

The Empire’s only real concern is protecting the sector’s one important asset: Valos Star 1. Valos Star 1 is an orbital repair dock facility built by FSSL. Its unique modular design allows it to service up to 3 small capital ships (like a Carrack-class Cruiser, or Lancer-class frigate), or the 3 modules can be combined to accommodate a full size Imperial Star Destroyer. Valos Star 1 is the only facility of this size for many light years on the Outer Rim, and ever since FSSL signed a special contract to service Imperial ships at discount prices, the facility has become more important for Naval logistics in the Outer Rim.

The “VET” Trade Route

While servicing and repairing starships, the planets of the Valorik sector have the opportunity to engage in a moderate amount of trade. The most important trade centres of the sector are the systems Valos, Elosala, and Tranin. Not coincidentally, these three systems form the “road” that ships take as they pass through the sector. Convoys often enter the sector at Valos for major repairs or overhauls, stop at Elosala for leave and trade, then move on to Tranin to take on final supplies and depart for more major hyperspace routes. This Valos-Elosala-Tranin trade route is nicknamed the “VET” by locals of the sector and ships traversing this route are said to be “running the VET”. The “VET” forms the main hyperspace route through the sector. Other less traveled routes branch off of it to the smaller systems of the sector. All hyperspace travel in the sector has to deal with the one main navigational hazard: Star Forge Nebula.

Star Forge Nebula

On a planetary formation timeline, Valorik sector is relatively new and Star Forge Nebula is a sign of that. The Nebula is a huge cloud of star and planet formation material that takes up a great deal of space in the sector. Inside the Nebula sensors and communications are severely hampered. This compounds the problem of collisions with the rogue planetoids and huge asteroid debris that litter the Nebula. Although the Nebula is often used as a haven for ships that do not want to be found, care must be taken when entering the area as travel is extremely hazardous.

Valorik Sector Adventures

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