The Pits

The pits


  • swoop racer bar
  • hang-out of the Black Knights swoop gang
  • mostly underground, only the top floor is above ground
  • most people enter through “The Hive” which is the tall tower structure coming from the top
  • there are “stalls” to park your vehicle and a bank of lifts in the middle which takes people to the top floor
  • the top floor is museum of speeder racing history with displays and such
  • many of the exhibits pertain to the career of owner Blizz Pinnix, who was one of the greatest racers ever

The pits floorplan


  • bottom floor of The Pits is where the excitement is, housing the cantina, holo-arcade, and private meeting rooms
  • the bar serves good drinks, and the cantina is a buzz of loud music and constant conversation
  • decor involves bright colours, and lighting, with momentos to speeder racing lining the walls (like a sports bar)
  • holo-arcade has the latest games, most of the virtual racing type
  • members of several different swoop gangs are present, but the cantina is considered “neutral ground” so there are very few fights
  • most disagreements are settled on the race track

Kuda’s Compound

  • adjoining the cantina is a large building known as Kuda’s Compound
  • owned by a Herglic named Kaylo NaKuda
  • offers a wide range of repair/modification parts and services for repulsor crafts of all kinds

Raptor Run

  • this is the series of canyons that forms the swoop racing track
  • it is a near deathtrap with narrow passages and tight corners formed from the canyons, 85 kilometers long
  • Blizz Pinnix holds the current record of 5 minutes 9 seconds
  • those brave enough to try the course are rewarded for finishing it in under 20 minutes with 1,000 credits and a free drink

The Pits

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