Tag: pirate


  • Peril

    _Peril_ is [[:vangar | Vangar's]] ship that he uses to prey on the smaller freighters of the sector. Being a modified Imperial Customs Corvette, it easily outmatches any of the ships that the independent traders or smugglers are operating. The might of …

  • Vangar

    * Barabel pirate * preys on lightly armed freighters running the smuggling routes of the Valorik sector * captains the ship [[Peril | Peril]]

  • Mylak

    Mylak is a pirate and black marketeer. He is a heartless being with no care for who he has to step on in order to make some credits. He would sell his own mother into slavery if he could. [[:corren-traus | Corren]] and [[:slabbanaka | Slabba]] first …