Tag: imperial


  • Moff Abran Balfour

    * Moff Balfour is an extremely unmotivated ruler * assignment to this relatively unimportant area of the Outer Rim is a dead-end career move for him * he is content to carry out his only specific instruction: protect the docks in [[Valos]] with Imperial …

  • Cass Maston

    Cass is a dedicated and loyal ISB agent. Committed to removing corruption and ineffectiveness from units of the Empire.

  • Captain Borbin

    * lazy, portly man * not terribly interested in enforcing Imperial Customs policies * highly susceptible to bribery

  • Vice Admiral Garrik Trier

    * Vice Admiral Trier commands the Imperial Navy in the Valorik Sector * the Navy's main responsibility is protected the ship yard in the Valos System * most of the time he commands the fleet from the Imperial Star Destroy _Indomitable_