Tag: Smuggler


  • Axtor Bridgeman

    * aging freighter pilot * long time friend of Corren Trauss’ father * operates an old YT-1210 freighter, _[[Dynasty | Dynasty]]_

  • Larso

    * Duros smuggler pilot and friend of [[:axtor-bridgeman | Axtor Bridgeman]] * has contacts with those smugglers working outside of the [[Syndicate | Syndicate]]

  • Korkeal Hai

    * Human female freighter captain * Slender build, and combats her failing eyesight with a pair of archaic plasspecs rather than medication or surgery * Not overly concerned with her appearance, she is often dirty and slightly unkempt * She is an …

  • Rolla Morsai

    * human female * fallen from wealthy life as a holo-picture actress, and is now just scratching a living by converting her luxury yacht, _[[Gilded Lily | Gilded Lily]]_, into a cargo ship * she is no fan of the [[Syndicate | Syndicate]] or the Empire …