Twi'lek pirate and black marketeer (deceased)


Mylak is a pirate and black marketeer. He is a heartless being with no care for who he has to step on in order to make some credits. He would sell his own mother into slavery if he could.

Corren and Slabba first encountered him selling blasters to rebel Yaali. With the help of the Yaali, they drove off or killed most of the pirates, but Mylak was able to escape. Afterward, Corren and Slabba seized the weapons for themselves. Later, when Corren and Slabba were trying to sell those blasters, Mylak interrupted the transfer and stole the weapons back. The players tracked him down, boarded his ship, and fought Mylak and his crew to try and get their weapons back. Although they were able to retrieve their cargo, Mylak was (again) able to escape.

During the hard times in the Valorik Sector, Mylak again ran into Corren and Slabba. He was able to suppress the two and put them into slavery, along with Keeg the Snow Raven’s technical crew. Mylak took his new saves to the Broken Tusk on Elosala where he intended to sell them off for a top credit. During the auction Slabba attacked Mylak and mortally wounded him. To get final revenge on the pirate, Corren killed him. Corren, Slabba and Keeg escaped from the Broken Tusk using the dismembered body parts of Mylak as weapons.


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