Corren Traus

A smooth-talking and slick-flying, human smuggler.



Dex (3D6 +1) Perception (3D6)
Blaster (5D6) Bargain (3D6+1)
Dodge (4D6) Sneak (3D6+2)
Con (3D+2)
Knowledge (3D6) Strength (3D6)
Language (3D+2)
Streetwise (3D+2)
Mechanical (3D+2) Technical (2D6)
Repulser Vehicle Operation (4D)
Sensors (3D +2)
Space Transports (5D)
Starship Gunnery (4D+2)


  • Heavy Blaster Pistol 5D [Range = 3-7/25/50]
  • Heavy Blaster Clips (4)
  • Throwing Knife
  • Commlink (4)
  • Data Pad
  • Breath Mask
  • Glowrod
  • Binoculars
  • R2-A4
  • Snow Raven


  • Move (10)
  • Force Points (1)
  • Dark Side Points (1)
  • Character Points (4)
  • $930 Credits
Character Corren Traus
Gender/Species Male Human
Age 30
Height/Weight 6’4"/225 lbs.
Homeworld Brentaal

Growing up: Corren was raised by his father who was a pilot for hire. Corrent spent his youth moving from starport to starport. Corretn spent most of his teim around smugglers and they taught him the tricks of the trade. Smuggling and flying was what he knew and stuck out on his own at 16.

Family: Corren’s mother left him and his father when he was 1.5 years old. His father was not the best parent, though he tried his best. Corren was more or less raised by the smugglers and pilots that worked with his father. Corren was well liked by all of them and everyone treated him like he was their child.

Basic Education: Corren learned all he’d ever wanted or needed traveling from starport to starport, and world to world. His father didn’t believe in expensive educations and always said that all you need in life was “a blaster at your side and a ship to fly.”

Past Occupations: Wherever there was a ship to fly and a cargo to haul, Corren was there.

Romance: Corren has healthy distrust of women. He has never let anyone close to him and therefore has had few relationships, all of which never lasted long. Corren is completely infatuated with Noola Starlight and will make the time to pursue her in the future.

Critical Events: Corrent met Slabbanaka on a bulk freighter where they both worked as crew for a smuggler. While on a run they were ambushed by an Imperial patrol and boarded. Not having any love for the Empire, and knowing that Slabba would become a slave if caught, Corren fought to escape with Slabba. After fleeing the ship, they spent the last of their credits to book passage to the planet Paradise in the Valorik sector where Corren had heard there was work from a business called Bub’s Expert Shipping.


  • Axtor Bridgeman (Smuggler and friend of Corren’s Father)
  • Larso ( Duros smuggler pilot and friend of Axtor Bridgeman )
  • Harrimin ( Bartender at “The Dust Bowl” a cantina at the Paradise starport, a streetwise man who can tell you where to find just about anything on the planet )

Enemies and Rivals

Corren Traus

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