Valorik Sector Adventures

Ep. VIII - Delivery and Upgrades

Friends always disappear right when you need them!

Hard times have hit the Valorik Sector. Jobs have become scares and competition has become fearce (even among friends). Desperate for work, our heroes take what ever mundane jobs that lead them to the glorious Noola Starlight. Noola entrusted our heroes with a letter to Starforge Station. On the way to Starforge the Snow Raven’s jury-rigged hyperdirve finally gives out. After much pain the heroes make it to Starforge to deliver the letter. While at Starforge the heroes obtain a new and better hyperdirve. They quickly set route to Paradise and Shamus’ Slightly Used Starships to have the hyperdive installed.
To the concern of the heroes, Shamus has gone missing. The heroes set off to find their favourite mechanic. Their investigation takes them to The Pits. Our heroes infiltrate the lair of Kaylo Nakuda, using the swoop races as a cover. Their hard work pays off as the heroes are able to foil Kaylo’s operation, and free their favourite mechanic. Shamus rewards our heroes by installing the new hyperdive.

But the good time were not about to last. Mysteriously the Empire has cracked down on the Valorik Sector. This new desire to enforce Imperial control has taken the smuggling community by surprise, and everyone is on edge. Hard working scoundrals are forced to go legit, or find themselves starving. On top of this all, our heroes friend and mentor Axtor Bridgeman has gone missing.
Our heroes head off to the only “free” location left in the sector, Starforge Station. While there our heroes find Larso, Axtor’s partner in crime. Larso is able to direct our heroes to Axtor, just before Starforge is attacked by the Empire.
Under Larso’s information our heroes reunite themselves with Axtor Bridgeman on Shownar. Axtor shows the heroes why he has been hiding, and why the Empire has become so vigilant. Axtor was smuggling an advanced Imperial encryption computer for the Syndicate. Unfortunately for Axtor, his morals got in the way of the job, and he made arrangements to have the computer delivered to “special friends” instead.
Unfortunately for our heroes, they were tracked by the Syndicate. A bounty hunter named Galasett captured Keeg in an attempt to get at Axtor. Keeg was “saved” when he was shot by Slabbanaka. Sensing that the situation had gone very sour, Galasett bolted to fight another day.
Our heroes now enacted their plan to turn the Empire on the Syndicate, get the computer to Axtor’s “special friends”, and see Axtor Bridgeman safely into retirement.


MarkDynna ThomasRichardMilesBoxall

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