Valorik Sector Adventures

Ep. II - Old Friends, New Enemies

You're not succeeding if you're not making people angry in this business

Corren and Slabba are given their first smuggling job by Bub: transport a load of alcohol from Elosala to Shownar even though the permit to transport those goods was “lost.” The two make an uneventful trip to Elosala to pickup their cargo. Although they look seriously out of place among the city’s wealthy “trading houses”, they are given no trouble getting the cargo. However, they are told that loading the ship will take several hours, so the two head into the city to pass the time. While wandering through the city, Corren recognizes an old friend of his father’s: Axtor Bridgeman. Axtor appears to be being “leaned on” by some goons led by Ryss, who are “reminding” him that his loan payment is due. Corren and Slabba intervene and the goons back down, but remind them that about the “dangers of pirates in this sector.” Relieved, Axtor invites the two for a drink at a cantina called The Golden Goose.

While relaxing in the cantina, they catch a performance of the captivating singer Noola Starlight. During the set Noola winks at Corren (or at least he thinks she winked at him), further heightening Corren’s fascination with the gorgeous Twi’lek. After the show, Corren and Axtor catch up on old times. On hearing about their current delivery, Axtor tells them about the “Smuggler’s Run” hyperspace route, which will take them from Elosala to Shownar while avoiding the majority of Imperial patrols. Thanking him for the info, Corren and Slabba head off.

While taking the lengthy and dangerous journey, the Snow Raven is dropped out of hyperspace by an asteroid, and accosted by the pirate Vangar in a small capital ship, escorted by 2 Z-95 Headhunter starfighters. During the short battle, the Snow Raven is pummeled, but Axtor and Dynasty arrive just in time to drive off the pirates with a few well-place concussion missiles. Seeing that the Raven cannot make the trip to Shownar in its current state, Axtor leads them into the Starforge Nebula to the hidden port of Starforge Station for necessary repairs. After getting the repairs and a brief tour of the station, Corren and Slabba head out again.

Arriving in the Shownar system, the Snow Raven is stopped by an Imperial Customs Corvette and boarded. Stepping aboard to perform in the inspection is Captain Borbin, a portly man with unkempt beard and hair. Borbin makes a brief show of inspecting the ship, and makes some vague references about permits, but it quickly becomes clear that he is really just looking for a bribe. Obliging him with a hefty payment, Corren is allowed to proceed to the planet and make his delivery. After successfully delivering their cargo, Corren and Slabba are feel like blowing off some steam, so they head to the “undercity” for drinking, gambling, and picking a fight with locals. All in a day’s work.


MarkDynna MarkDynna

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