Valorik Sector Adventures

Ep. I - Welcome to Paradise

A smuggling career begins by getting in over your head

  • Corren and Slabba arrive on Paradise following a lead on a job doing shipping work for Bub’s Expert Shipping
  • after accepting their first job, they must scramble to actually get a ship
  • talking to Harrimin the group is direct to the gangster Narrik who gives them a loan to buy a ship
  • head to Shamus’ Slightly Used Starships where they meet the colorful squib Shamus and purchase their ship, christening it the Snow Raven
  • their first job is to pick up a shipment on Valos and deliver it to Elosala
  • land on the “far” side of Valos, which is populated by the gruff miners that extract the stone they are here to pick up
  • after a minor bar scuffle, the load up their cargo and head for the vice-ridden world of Elosala
  • they deliver their shipment on time and make their first ship payment


MarkDynna MarkDynna

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